CBD is Natural

Cannabidiol or ‘CBD’ is the part of cannabis that does not get you “high”, and is associated with a number of therapeutic benefits, such as improved sleep, stress relief and acute pain reduction.

Many Canadians are interested in using CBD to support their health. In fact, the growing market for CBD products in Canada is estimated to generate $1 billion a year by 2023.


Today, Canadians visit their local health food store expecting to buy CBD health products. These customers are disappointed to learn that NHPs cannot contain CBD, nor can health food stores sell these products.

Instead, CBD products are only available from authorized recreational cannabis stores or through medical access with a doctor’s note.


Canada’s cannabis framework does not accommodate CBD products that fall outside the scope of recreational use that are, instead, used to promote health.

As a result, the sale of unregulated products online persists to fulfill the demand for CBD health products, while small businesses in Canada are excluded from a major economic opportunity.


Canada needs regulations for CBD health products that make sense, where customers can visit their local health food store to purchase safe and regulated NHPs containing CBD. Smart regulations would promote the health and safety of Canadians while allowing the Canadian industry to thrive.


Do you agree?  

Ask decision makers in Ottawa to introduce smart regulations for CBD, and deliver better access to CBD as an NHP.